#FAQ A few frequently asked questions

Can’t find your question here? Feel free to contact us and send us a message!

Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so we can properly accomodate your tutor/student. Send a message in our GroupMe or an email to info@lavenirtutoring.org so we can prepare in advance.

Absolutely 100% free! Now and always.

Anyone from kindergarten to 12th grade! 

We prefer undergraduate students or professional students! If you are a highschool student, we will still take you into consideration.

Contact Ali Abid (314-308-8029) or send an email to info@lavenirtutoring.org and we can arrange a more personalized schedule!

Send your CV/resume to our email at info@lavenirtutoring.org and, depending on our current availabilities, we will let you know!

Send us a brief description of your organization and/or a resume and your ideas to info@lavenirtutoring.org and we will have someone reach out to you.

As of now, L'Avenir does not hold any non-profit corporation or organizational status in the state of Missouri nor on a federal level. "L'Avenir Tutoring" is the only name retained by our organization. Currently, we are exclusively limited to our Saint Louis University affiliation as a Chartered Student Organization (CSO) and comply with University rules & regulations.